Why Men Are Goblins

Stop Living In The Dark

The race of men, as opposed to other spiritual beings, are more like goblins than what we were originally created to be.  We don’t have to argue about God or science to prove this fact.

There are obvious things that men do with their time and talents that prove that men are more like goblins trapped in a sinful fallen nature.  Mankind has been sold a bill of goods that they are basically good.  Men are not good.  Mankind has the knowledge of good and evil.  We know right from wrong and yet the vast majority of the time people pursue their own selfish desires.

Most men do not believe that they are being influenced by evil and dark spiritual forces to live like goblins, but the facts are contrary to what they believe.

You disagree?  Really?  The challenge then for you my dear deceived friend is to stop for a brief moment in time and look at what men are really like.  You’ll have to admit that you in fact have believed a lie. 

Your fellow man is a wicked little goblin of a creature.

Men have created nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, murder, theft, genetically modified foods, pollution, the sexual exploitation of both man, woman and beast, child pornography, drugs, war, guns, slavery, prisons for profit and numerous other weapons of mass destruction beyond nuclear.  These are just a few of the many things that have been created by evil men.

There are plenty of men and women who will not think twice about destroying other men or women or even the planet for their own personal gain or self gratification.  These goblins often hide behind corporations and other men of power or even religions, so that they are not under the same laws as other men. These unnecessary evils would not exist or be tolerated in any society where the creature involved was “basically good“.  No, mankind is indeed WICKED!

Think about it this way.  If you wrote a story and the beings in it could not lie, would they tolerate a race that came in and lied to their species continually?   Of course not, they would expose them as liars because it would be against their true nature.  Our nature can go either way, we can lie or we can tell the truth.  So we tolerate or condemn the liars and we either reward or condemn those who tell the truth depending on the situation.  How many times do whistle blowers get labeled as being the bad guys for exposing corruption? Such good little goblins punishing their fellow man for doing the right thing.  All the while screaming that God doesn’t exist and mankind is wonderful with the solution to all of man’s problems.

Men understand that their sinful nature needs to be placed under control because every society knows that men are really goblins. It’s not natural for men to do what is right.  Which is why we reward hero’s with accolades and a child who returns a lost wallet.  Doing what is good is simply not our normal behavior.  Once in a while, people will rise to the occasion, but most of the time it’s a dog eat dog world and the society elevates some of its biggest goblins.

We need laws to prevent our fellow goblins from drunk driving, defrauding their neighbor, stealing, cheating or murdering their fellow man and a laundry list of laws continually grows.  Men are constantly devising ways to steal, kill and destroy.  However, if you have enough money and you get caught you can usually pay someone a bride to get off in most parts of the world, including the United States of America where politicians are bought and sold to the highest bidders.  The political elite to not represent the people.  The rich always rules over the poor and the borrower is always the servant to the lender.

Our society even keeps track of annual crime rates with prisons to put the really bad goblins away from the rest of society.  And many of these prisons are now run by for profit corporations, but remember that mankind is told they are “basically good” by their wonderful educators.  An educational system that is put in place by the very goblins running society, so naturally they are going to teach people to believe a lie.  Because mankind is such a good and caring being for his fellow man that he needs to profit off of his fellow goblin.  Would any of these laws be necessary if men were good and not really goblins?  Of course not because the exception goes to prove the rule.

We have not even mentioned mass shootings and serial killers or those who follow “radical” religions or are fueled by racism with a desire to kill their fellow man in the name of their god or some perverted ideology.  The radicals fail to realize that their false god is apparently not capable of killing his fellow man on his own.  If his god needs assistance from his true followers it should be proof enough that they have believed a lie and are indeed following a false god.

Yes, the race of men are really goblins and have committed evil throughout history for fun, greed and profit.  Evil goblins will continue to rule, until the Creator of men steps in to close the curtain on mankind at what the Jewish writers of the Old and New Testament called The End of the Age.  It is coming much sooner than most people think because the goblins will wipe each other out without divine intervention.  It is in our very nature to steal, kill and destroy as servants of a sin nature.  It’s a provable fact that this is how mankind is and not fiction or a fairy tale.

The other type of goblins in this world are known as Christians. Now many goblins impersonate Christians, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but those are just men being goblins.  They are just doing what comes natural by impersonating something else to obtain a profit or approval from their fellow men.  A real Christian is simply a goblin who has been born again spiritually by recognizing what he is and confessing this to his Creator, so that he can actually discern truth from the assault of lies.  There is a great video that discusses this by The Bible Project that we recommend you watch for a few minutes to see the truth of where mankind is at and why.

There are many websites and men, who will try to deceive people into believing several things about God, history and mankind.  The first assault the goblins will make is that there is not a Creator, but that mankind somehow created himself out of nothing over time.  If that’s true mankind is in serious trouble. The goblins want people to believe that If you give anything enough time, things will magically happen.  Anyone can see the lie behind this idea because zero times zero is always zero.  It is a violation of elementary mathematics.

The second way is to discount the belief in God by claiming that it is simply an invention of men and that all religions are really the same with a twist.  There are so many cults and crazy religions that have been created by goblins that it is very difficult to discern truth from fiction.

The third way is to assault Christianity in its true form as a Jewish religion with a Jewish Messiah.  The goblins will deny that the Bible was written by Jews and claim that Jesus (the Jewish Messiah) didn’t live or wasn’t really God or even a Jew, but just a man who died on a cross at the hand of the Romans.  Some even deny he lived at all or that he was killed by the Romans.  The goblins will continue the assault by claiming that the idea of Jesus coming back from the dead and a crucifixion is really a pagan religion that was made up by their followers, including the Apostle Paul, who wanted to create a new religion using pagan teachings.

Of course, what they leave out is that Paul happened to be previously killing Christians as a Jewish Rabbi and originally also believed that Christianity was pagan.  He helped stone Stephen who was a follower of Christ and all of the Apostles didn’t trust or believe Paul initially according to the New Testament.

In addition, Paul had nothing to gain by becoming a Christian in Rome with his new religion that he supposedly made up with his friends, when he was already a Jewish Rabbi.  Christians were fed to lions by the Romans for sport and Paul spent most of his time being beaten, imprisoned, hungry, shipwrecked, in chains and destitute, so their argument is ridiculous.  He wrote most of the New Testament as a prisoner in Rome, so hardly a profitable profession, if he was a typical deceptive goblin.  Obviously, something happened to Paul and all of these “followers of Jesus” that was different than what we witness from the goblins today, who are self serving hypocrites and in most cases will kill you, if you do not follow their religion or their false ideologies.

A true follower of Jesus has recognized that they are a goblin and in need of a Savior to get them into right standing with their Creator. This is regardless of whether they obtain eternal life or if they will be resurrected at the coming of Jesus, but simply to know that they have been separated by God by their sins.  This angers most goblins because they want to believe the lie that they are better than the other goblins who live on this planet.  The fact is that you are a goblin that lusts and sins against other people and it is part of your very nature, regardless of how much you want to deny it.

The fact is that you are not an eternal being, but death is coming at you like a freight train no matter how old you are today.  These are facts you cannot deny.  The fact is that you didn’t create yourself.  At the very least you were pro-created with a father and a mother and contain half of their DNA.  The fact is that you have a choice to believe whatever you want, but you cannot get away from the evil in this world.  The darkness living in people is real.  People are spiritual beings, they have a spirit (conscience, intuition, worship), a soul (mind, will and emotions) and a body (the physical being that is decaying and dying).  Some believe they are just soul and body, but it really doesn’t matter.  You are more than just a decaying corpse because you have been created in the image and likeness of a Superior Being.  The problem is that you are in rebellion with God.

A real Christian recognizes these facts and their conscience has been heightened as a spiritual being, so that they don’t want to offend or cause harm to their fellow man or be disobedient to their Creator.   They choose to accept atonement by God for their sins because they believe that God has been offended by the rebellion of mankind and is in need of forgiveness.

God loves his Creation and he wants to see men come to the knowledge of the truth about him and his love for mankind.  Men are in a battle though between light and darkness.  It is very obvious if you step back and look at how men and religions in this world are influenced by the dark.  The Jewish books that talk about God in the Old Testament and New Testament paint a picture of a battle between good and evil that is waging for the souls of mankind.   People will believe in ghosts or aliens or that they are their own god or will live forever after they die and all kinds of things.

Yet, they struggle to believe in God and the fallen angel known as Lucifer, the Devil, the Dragon or the Serpent even though his mark and demonic influence is found throughout the world today.  Is it an accident that the dragon is found in almost every culture of the world?  Is it an accident that demons are found in almost every culture of the world?  Different religions that recognize the same spiritual beings living among their populations.

Here is a short video from The Bible Project that is a great explanation on why man needs atonement for being a goblin and get in right standing with God.

God will not violate your free will.  Anyone can become a Christian by simply asking God to forgive their sins and believing on what Jesus did for them to pay the penalty for their sins.  If you actually study the Old Testament, you discover that Abraham left the land of Ur of the Chaldees to follow an unknown God and he had two sons.

One son was by faith and the other by the flesh.  His family worshipped other gods and the one true God called Abraham forth to worship and serve him.  This God of Abraham promised to make his two sons great nations and protect them.  Is it by accident that the Jews and the Arabs as “half-brothers” control most of the world’s wealth and the entire world has been drawn into their religious battles on which son has the true doctrine from their father Abraham?  Is it an accident that both sons (Jews and Arabs) rejected the Jewish Messiah as the actual God of Abraham in the flesh, giving his life as a ransom for the world?  The same way that Abraham was going to sacrifice his own son of faith, Isaac, and released his other son of the flesh, Ishmael, into the world again by faith?

Many goblins will try to convince you otherwise because they are servants of the Wicked One.  This is not to be mean, but simply a reality.   Does an apple tree produce a pear?  Look at the fruit of the people who deny Christ and you’ll see over an over again people will steal, kill and destroy and are constantly influenced by the dark like greedy little goblins.  If you want to find out how to become a Christian by simply talking to God visit this website by clicking here.

Our goal at Goblin Network is to help people to succeed spiritually, glorify Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Messiah of Israel.  There is no other name under Heaven or Earth by which men and women can be saved.  Regardless of what the goblins will try to tell you.  Seek the truth and you’ll find it, but believe a lie and you will discover that your living in the dark.

Just remember that the freight train of death is coming your way and 70 years of this life is only 25,550 days.  Read what Jesus had to say in the Book of John or other books and see if what he said is true.

Look for other articles here showing what the goblins of this world are up to and how they are continue to be slaves to sin and unrighteousness.

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